5 Simple practices for growing in awareness

On the Penninghame Process we often talk about the importance of growing in awareness and connection. Here we share why we say this, how growing in awareness really benefits your life, and how you can do this every day, without feeling overwhelmed by yet more things to add to your daily practice. Growing in awareness […]

Hear from previous participants of the Penninghame Process

“I had thought of taking part in the process for many years before actually doing it, but always found an excuse for not going; this was despite my husband and some of my closest friends having gone through and raved about it! I felt great fear at the prospect of having to face my fears […]

The Penninghame Process – A Transformational Journey

Do you sometimes feel that you have lost your way in life? Is your life not working out how you planned and you don’t know why? Do you want to take a new direction, resolve issues from the past and live life more fully? Set in the stunning surroundings of a Victorian mansion located in […]

Leave the past behind and live the life you want!

Join us for our next Penninghame Process (Primal) programme starting on the 2nd November. The Penninghame Process (previously known as Primal) is a 6 day residential course focused on deep personal healing work. Our programme will take you by the hand as you start your journey to encounter the past and transform for example low […]