The power of taking personal responsibility in owning your shadow

From the beginning of our lives, we develop a certain sense of ‘self’ – a persona or identity we present to the world. Based upon the influences, conditioning, and often trauma we experienced as we grew up, we develop our ideas about what’s right or wrong, safe or dangerous, acceptable or not. We learn ways […]

Sarah’s inspiring story of hope of freedom from chronic pain #fibromyalgia

  Are you suffering with the invisible disease #Fibromyalgia Maybe the answers are deep within? Maybe you can unlock the pain held within you and be free? We would like to share with you Sarah’s inspiring story of hope… “Having suffered with debilitating, chronic, widespread body pain for 10 years; I was facing my future in […]

How to weave the spirit of summer into your spiritual practice

We hope you’re are all glowing from inside to out during this wonderful time of summer we are being blessed with. It seems to be a time when nations neighbourhoods and families are coming together, whether that be to enjoy the comradery of the football, or the wonderful weather and all the opportunities that brings […]