Thank you! to those who were able to join us for this series and make it such a rich experience for us all, we so enjoyed the connection and insights that were shared.

As a gift from us, we are extending the availability of the series recordings, so if you were unable to make the live sessions, you can catch up on the recordings below.

The nature of zoom session recordings, is that the quality of recordings can be a little less than the ideal viewing experience we would like to give you.

However, it’s our pleasure to share them with you as they give the essence of the session and allow you to participate in the inner enquiries in your own time and privacy.

Recordings will be available for a limited time only, and not all week’s of the series are available unfortunately due to poor internet connection.

We hope to see you again and will be in touch soon with more details on future online webinars and deeper workshops we will be offering.

If you did join us for this free series, and would like to support our work, we appreciate any donations you are able to make using the donate button below, and would love to hear your feedback on the series here.


Click on each week to access the recording:


Opening Week: Finding Active Hope Through Your Inner Resources

Week 1: Breaking the Cycle of Anxiety

Week 2: Overcoming financial fear

Week 3: Releasing Anger & Frustration Through the Body

Week 4: Releasing Unspoken Fears – Recording unavailable

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