Do you sometimes feel that you have lost your way in life?

Is your life not working out how you planned and you don’t know why?

Do you want to take a new direction, resolve issues from the past

and live life more fully?

Set in the stunning surroundings of a Victorian mansion located in South West Scotland, The Penninghame Process is a six day, intensive residential course. Based on the understanding that childhood experiences shape our lives, the course is designed to help people from all walks of life. The course has evolved over more than 10 years to support individuals let go of the past and engage their own lives fully.

At a young age, we develop a strategy to survive by only revealing certain parts of ourselves that we believe to be acceptable in order to gain the love we need. In this way, we close off from our true, natural essence and this is banished in to our subconscious – what Carl Jung termed ‘the shadow’.

As part of a family system, we also carry the burdens from past generations which have a negative impact on our lives as we grow older. The past is something we cannot change and ultimately it is reflected in our current attitudes to life.  We create our own personal protection strategies, forgetting what we have hidden below the surface. This creates a large amount of unexpressed feelings which are physically and psychologically harmful to ourselves and others.  We leave school and enter the world with the expectation that we can create a successful life for ourselves, yet we encounter many

At Penninghame, we believe that everything that happens to a person has a purpose and therefore it is meaningful, rather than good or bad. Every obstacle or cause of suffering is a signal that we need to increase our degree of maturity, change our direction and grow in self-awareness. These traits can only be enhanced through an inner journey and The Penninghame Process has been specifically designed to aid people take a new path.

This powerful and profound process can help you uncover aspects of your inner self which have been buried beneath years of restraint. It will help release unexpressed emotions, move past blockages and examine subconscious strategies whilst allowing you to express authentic feelings. You will gain new strength and resources which shift the outer circumstances of your life and allow you to take responsibility for your own actions. From this new found awareness, you are able to create the changes that you want to bring into your life. We have a number of courses in 2014 which is a year of real change.  Our next course is being held 29th April 2014 – 5th April 2014.  Telephone or email us to find out more information and if course is right for you.

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