The Penninghame Process can be a quite an emotional ride! So we know how important it is for you to have great food that gives you all the energy and delicious nutritious support you need to get you through the week.

We also understand that food in our daily lives can be a comfort, a crutch, something familiar that we run to when things get though (and it IS likely to get tough on the Penninghame Process!) So the thought of leaving behind those usual devices can also add to the anxiety of embarking on such a big journey into the unknown realms your inner world, and all that it may uncover for you to deal with.

To add to that, this unhealthy relationship to food, and the inner drive to master a more healthy, happy way of moving through life, not dependant on a sugar fix or boozy binge to get you through the next crisis, is also one of the top reasons why people want to embark on this journey to begin with. But that doesn’t make it any easier to take the plunge and leave the chocolate biscuits at home does it?! We get it .

So let us explain a little about how the food on the course is actually going to be one of your biggest supporters. It could in fact change your life if you simply came long and just ate the food. Here’s why:

At Penninghame we are dedicated to offering you a balanced, clean, highly nutritional, mainly plant based diet, which is specifically designed to support you energetically and emotionally through your process.

That means no processed foods, no meat, no diary, no refined sugars, and no alcohol. But we promise that you won’t even notice! The food is so bright, fresh and uplifting, and offers such a welcome hearty boost just when you need it, that you will feel more like you are being treated than deprived.

What we believe, is that what we eat, and our emotional and physical health and are inextricably linked. Both what we eat, and the emotional healing work we do, can have a profound healing effect on the physical ‘di-eases’ that show up in our physical health. If we start eating well, we support our physical and emotional bodies, to heal, and support ourselves to live vitally, healthily and happily.

The power of a plant based diet to support this healing has long been practiced and proven, which is why we care so much about offering it as just one of the opportunities the Penninghame Process will give you to change your life.

The Japanese have been healing themselves physically and emotionally using macrobiotic cooking principles for hundreds of years. But here is one of our favourite current speakers on the topic. Dr Michael Greger, who adds a bit of science, as well as an entertaining speaking style to the case.

Dr Greger is a licensed as a general practitioner specializing in clinical nutrition, a New York Times bestselling author, and internationally recognized speaker on nutrition, food safety, and public health issues. Both his latest books, How Not to Die and the How Not to Die Cookbook, became instant New York Times Best Sellers.

He speaks here about the fact that only one diet has ever been proven to reverse heart disease in the majority of patients, a diet centered around whole plant foods. And the fact that it can also be effective in preventing, arresting, and reversing other leading killers like type 2 diabetes, and hypertension

Greger says that “Plant-based diets may now be considered the nutritional equivalent of quitting smoking.” and encourages us “not to wait for open-heart surgery to start eating healthy as well. Until the system changes, we have to take personal responsibility for our own health, for our family’s health. We can’t wait until society catches up to the science again, because it’s a matter of life and death.”

Following the plant based diet for the short time you are at Penninghame can have a dramatic effect on how you feel energetically, emotionally, and physically, and could just give you the boost you need to start taking personal responsibility for your health and making the changes you need to for your health for good.

In fact you will probably feel so good after the delicious delights that have been served all week, that making the changes you want to make will come with ease and excitement, as you leave the Process inspired and renewed!

After saying all that, we couldn’t possibly go without mentioning our 2 expert chefs, who pour their years of wisdom, passion, energy and love into every meal in order to help support you through the Process. Here is a little about them:

About our Chefs:

Kenneth Prange – Teacher and Health Consultant

With 40 years experience, Ken has an extraordinary knowledge of, Macrobiotic principles, of foods and their effect on the body. This lifelong learning is transmitted to people with a great passion and energy, enthusing all to look at their own food and lifestyle choices and see where they can be changed for the better.

Ken’s passion for food, healing and oriental diagnosis started back in the 70s, at the  Community Health Foundation, in London’s Old Street. Learning under the macrobiotic gurus of the time, Michio and Aveline Kushi, the desire for knowledge grew strongly and Ken soon moved to work and study at the Macrobiotic Institute of Berlin. It was here that Ken spent the next seven years studying, first to become a Naturopath (Heilpraktiker) and then the in-depth skills associated with Traditional Chinese Medicine, including amongst others, Acupuncture and Moxibustion.

Prompted by his wife Angela, Ken started to give Macrobiotic nutritional and lifestyle consultations in Italy in 1992, which now, after 25 years has expanded to several European countries. His work experience also profits from the 4 years of intense activity at the famous Sha Wellness Clinic in Alicante, Spain.

Currently Ken teaches the 4 levels of Macrobiotic study in Valencia and he is one of the few senior Macrobiotic teacher/consultants in Europe active at this time.

Since leaving the Macrobiotic Institute in Berlin, Ken has set up several successful whole food gourmet restaurants in Italy and Germany with his wife Angela and worked as Camp Director on the English and Scottish One World Summer Camps.

Ken’s other studies include: Iridology, Regressional Hypnosis, Ear Acupuncture and Silva Mind control.

Angela Agrati Prange 

Just 20 years old and still a student, opened her first restaurant along with some young friends. It is at this time she discovers, develops and cultivates her passion for food as a great way towards health, as well as a feast for the eyes and the palate. In USA California she graduates as a macrobiotic chef and specialises in curative cooking with her great Japanese teachers Herman and Cornelia Aihara. After 2 years of learning experience, in the United States, she comes back to Europe and  for the next 30 years shares and enriches her knowledge and talent in vegetarian macrobiotic restaurants, in the macrobiotic centre of Berlin, in alternative medicine centres and as a private chef for international celebrities. She trained and formed many young chefs who were inspired from her creativity and her technique. Finally after almost 3 years of collaboration with SHA Wellness Clinic,   as macrobiotic head chef, she decided to go back to her home country, Italy, and dedicate herself to teach healthy cooking through cooking classes and talks and to consult natural food restaurants and cafeterias.

In recent years she has been the culinary trainer and consultor of the Happy M kitchen  in Gothenburg Sweden, Lu-Ma café  in Wimbledon-London, England and the Green Shelters  in Madrid, Spain. She continues to be the executive head chef of the One world Festival  in England.

Her extensive knowledge on the subject, her enthusiasm and her professionalism has always generated fervour and passion for good food to diners and participants of her cooking classes. Finally she has now taken the time to write her cookbook, titled: Cooking with Angela, delicious macrobiotic and vegan recipes for everyday cooking. This has been published in the Russian language and in English. An Italian version is also on the way. Angela speaks her mother language Italian, fluent English, good German and Spanish.