The Penninghame Process

come home to yourself

The Penninghame Process is a personal growth retreat for inner transformation, designed to help anyone who is seeking to create lasting change in their life and live in a beautiful, connected inner state.

Origins of the Penninghame Process

The Penninghame Processes have been developed over many years drawing upon the work of a wide range of renowned specialists in the field of personal growth and transformation.

It began over 20 years ago with our own personal work at Mullingstorp, with Dr Bengt Stern and his wife Victoria, which inspired a vision to create a course centre to share his work and to contribute to the wellbeing of others. After many years working with Bengt we brought his teachings to Penninghame with the help of Swedish therapist Kari Paues.

Since then our process has been continually evolving to include the work and wisdom of many others whose work, we have seen to be truthful and effective in creating a lasting shift from mental and emotional suffering, to living in a beautiful inner state.

Our courses are now inspired by a rich, unique and powerful mix of aspects from teachers and influencers such as Bert Hellinger, Stanislav Grof, Osho, Jesper Jull, Aneesha Dillon, Rahasya, O&O Academy in India, Gabrielle Roth, Rudolph von Laban and Mental Health Awareness UK.We are continually inspired by new teachers we meet and whose work we experience, and look forward to continuing to evolve and grow as we together raise our collective level of consciousness.

Our Team

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