Penninghame Process Step 2 and 3

We offer a follow up ‘Step 2’ course once you have completed our Step 1 course. Step 2 invites you to deepen your journey and includes a working understanding of the four  core values for living well. It is a full  programme taking  you to a deeper level of awareness and  gives you valuable practical steps to take you back out of suffering and into presence.

The course fee is £1595 with reduced fees available for people with limited finances. Please speak to Lynn about this.

2017 dates:

Saturday 20 – Friday 26 May

We are currently working on developing our Step 3 Process -we will update as we go

Testimonials from participants on Step 2:

Step 1 was about resolving the past but Step 2 has given some real grounding for the future I am eternally grateful for the huge generosity of all the team at Penninghame who devote so much time in the pursuit of others happiness and really transform people’s lives.

– Amanda

I had many learnings and insights during the week, one of the most profound was surrounding my relationship to money. I had hit a wall with my business, where I couldn’t seem to earn more than my Dad did in his best financial year.   What I didn’t realise was I had an unconscious belief that had been holding me back – to my surprise the unconscious belief that came up was that men are the bread winners!!! Now I have identified this unconscious belief and dissolved it, my business has gone from strength to strength and already in six months, we have made more profit than the whole of the last financial year. Thank-you to Ray and the team for supporting me through another profound journey, I look forward to Step 3.   

 – Nichola