Is the Process Right for Me?

This course can help open life up for you regardless of who you are or where you come from. We have had couples and family members attending, often one partner/relative one will attend one course and their partner/relative the next, as we focus on the inner journey of each person. We also welcome parents with teenage children who want help in developing their relationship with one another. Again, the teenage children can attend a course of their choosing, often after the parent has attended first.
If any of the following statements ring true with you, you will benefit from attending a Penninghame Process:

I am stressed and want to lead a more joyful, fulfilling and creative life

I feel scared and want to have the confidence to try new things and say ‘yes’ to life

I feel angry all the time and it is impacting on everything around me

I feel like things have got into a mess and I want to start afresh and start to live my full potential

I am grieving for the loss of someone of something and I can’t seem to get over it, no matter how hard I try

I feel tired,  lost and lack motivation to do things in my life

I feel like I am a doormat and don’t know how to stand up for myself or say ‘No’

I struggle to connect with people or struggle with intimacy or physical relationships

I work with children and/or plan to have children of my own and want to be able to give them the best start I can in life

I am training or working in a leadership/managerial role or Psychotherapy/Counselling/Coaching and want to do some deep personal development work to help me in my work with clients and to help me take more self-care