Our Green Policy

Penninghame House operates an energy efficient policy and we are continually working towards improving our environmental footprint.

  • The main heating systems are (2 x 40Kw) total 80 kw ground source heat pump systems and four independent air source heat pumps total (14Kw).
  • When replacing white goods such as fridges and freezers, we aim to replace with ‘A’ rated products .
  • Wherever possible we use low energy or low voltage light bulbs
  • Encourage the use of public transport by providing lifts to and from  transport hubs .
  • Where appropriate waste food is fed to the birds or composted.
  • We use email as much as possible but when paper is used it is recycled.
  • Our business stationary is recycled paper.
  • We are continually researching alternative energy sources.
  • We grow most of our own fruit and vegetables in our organic garden.