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Leave the past behind and create the life you want.

Set in the stunning surroundings of a Victorian mansion in South West Scotland, The Penninghame Process is a six-day residential course focused on deep, personal, healing work.

This transformational course concentrates on the relationships in your early environment, primarily with your mother and father, and is designed to help people from all walks of life.

This course has evolved over more than ten years in order to support individuals to transform their lives.
Here at Penninghame, we realise that at a young age, we develop a strategy to survive by only revealing certain parts of ourselves that we believe to be acceptable in order to get the love we need. Because of this, we close off from our true, natural essence and this is banished into our subconscious — what Carl Jung termed ‘the shadow’.

As a part of our family system, we may also carry the burdens of our past generations which then have a negative impact on our own lives as we grow older. Our past is something we cannot change, which is ultimately reflected in our present day lives and our attitudes towards living in general. Even though we can’t change our pasts, we can change how we relate to it.

We all create our own personal protection strategies and forget about what we have hidden below the surface. We keep down many unexpressed feelings from our early childhoods which are physically and psychologically harmful to ourselves and those around us. Most of us then leave school and expect to create a successful life for ourselves, only going on to finding things are not going so well in relationships with ourselves and others. Or, there are particular areas that we struggle with and do not know how to deal with. Here at Penninghame, we will help you learn how to create an abundant, healthy life and a more positive relationship with yourself.

We believe that everything happens for a reason. Therefore, even when negative things happen, they are still meaningful. Every obstacle or cause of suffering is a signal that we need to increase our level of maturity, change our direction in life or grow in self-awareness. These traits can only be enhanced through an inner journey, which the Penninghame Process has been specifically developed to provide.

We have a number of courses available in 2014, which could be your year of change. Come join us.

At Penninghame, you will acquire the tools to move on in life with a sense of liberation from the past.

We work on releasing negative, primal emotions and held tensions, adopting social roles and survival strategies to help you find who you really are and what you really want from life.

The course is focused on primal emotions and on rediscovery of the playful and joyous inner being that still exists inside of us, but has all too often been suppressed. This powerful and profound process will help you uncover aspects of your inner self which have been buried beneath years of restraint and unexpressed emotions and will examine subconscious strategies that you use in your everyday life. You will gain new strength both emotionally and physically which will allow you to take responsibility for your own actions and express emotions authentically.

The course uses a variety of creative techniques and exercises, working on victim roles, power issues, anger, guilt, shame, suffering and pain. Techniques include, amongst others: deep self-enquiry, body work, dynamic meditations, spirit integration (Oneness Experience), Family Constellation Work and individual sessions – all helping to discover the hidden dynamics in your everyday life and to reconnect you to the natural flow of love.

We look at releasing the unconscious blockages that stop you creating what you want from life and you will experience more freedom to live in the present.

Learn more about the many benefits of The Pennighamme Process here

The Penninghame Process will help you to understand your core life issues and how to address them, opening yourself up to a new life and unleashing the potential within you.

This course will enable you to:

  • Understand how things that happen when we are children affect us as adults
  • Become aware of the underlying dynamics of your relationships – with your parents, partners, children, friends and colleagues
  • Learn what it means to set right your personal relationships – how to leave your past behind, take charge of your life and have fun
  • Understand your emotions and experience breaking through these multiple feelings and barriers
  • Learn how to release suppressed emotions and destructive emotional patterns
  • Get in touch with your authentic self and allow yourself to open up to the potential you have within
  • Move from separation and loneliness to inner connectedness
  • Experience joy, hope, inspiration, self-confidence, inner freedom, openness and safety
  • Trust in yourself and in the higher purpose of your life.
  • Become aware of the relationship you have with yourself and how you relate to yourself as a human being.

Is it right for you?

The Penninghame Process is recommended to people of all ages, cultures, backgrounds and professions.

Whether you come as an individual, as a couple or as part of an organisation, this course can help open life up for you. We also welcome parents with teenage children who want help in developing their relationship with one another.

If any of the following statements ring true with you, you will benefit from attending a Penninghame Process.

  • I want to break free from destructive and dysfunctional emotional relationships and behaviours
  • I have early childhood wounds and traumas in the past that I want to heal and move away from
  • I feel stuck in a rut, like the same cycle of issues keep showing up in my life
  • I want to escape my insecurities, loneliness and low self-esteem
  • I feel the need to start afresh and start to live my full potential as a human being
  • I often feel lost and lack motivation for life
  • I am tired of the emotional rollercoaster that I seem to be permanently riding
  • I want to improve my relationships – intimate, family, social and at work, but I don’t know how
  • I feel like a victim of my past
  • I struggle to connect with people or struggle with intimacy or physical relationships
  • I work with children and/or plan to have children of my own and want to be able to give them the best start I can in life
  • I simply want to lead a more joyful, fulfilling and creative life.

Don’t take our word for it, read our testimonials

Firstly I would like to thank Ray, Rosie and Lynn (& team) for a wonderful week at Penninghame.  Going to Penninghame changed my life for the better. Before attending I felt stuck, unable to move on which was so unlike me.  The course was so well structured, something for everyone. The macrobiotic diet, the dynamic meditations, activities all contributed to me having much more energy.  Never have I experienced so much love and gratitude in one place, such a nurturing environment.  All participants felt cared for as if we lived with the most caring parents for a week.

The strangest thing was the last evening when we went into town, once I stepped out the taxi it was like coming out of the womb, with fresh eyes seeing things for the first time, even my brain had to recall – do I remember how to cross the road?

My friends and family could see the change in me, my outlook to life was different, I had got my mojo back. Even when I returned to work and there had been lots of changes (redundancies/restructuring etc), I was still so cheerful and upbeat that I was able to still motivate my team.  They worried for me in my absence that the change would drag us all down, yet I was feeling as light as feather.

I’ve recommended the course to so many people as they are all curious as to why I look and feel amazing.

- Donna

My journey at Penninghame began with me pointing out of the car window at the fat, smiling stone Buddha at the entrance and nudging my partner to look, so he too could enjoy the cheerful countenance of that famous eastern embodiment of letting go. My ‘letting go’ of my fear and anxiety of what was to come lasted for approx. 20 minutes. ‘Is it usual to feel terrified at this point?’ I asked one of the assistants as were descending the staircase from the tour of my accommodation block. He looked at me, laughed and said ‘Of course! But trust me, I have done this 4 times now and it gets so much better, and it really can be a lot of fun…’ Fun? Hmmm, I switched on my radar for that word I associated with helium balloons and laughter. In the dusky silence of the tree-studded grounds, my radar was working over-time.

I have struggled long and hard with myself – I have tried alcohol, long walks, (sometimes both together, which ended up in a dark meeting with a nettle infused ditch) studying, physical labour, eating only brown rice, cutting my hair short, growing my hair long, moving house, leaving jobs and getting a dog. The dog was the most effective out of the lot, for through him I learnt about consistency, routine, afternoon naps and play-time. Yet, even my lovely hound could not put an end to all the inner turmoil I felt on a sometimes moment-to moment basis. Feelings of anxiety, anger and despair, which writhed around like dank, dark fish and long slithery hot eels in a black sludge of self-hatred and disgust deep down inside myself. Which made people, situations, events etc. feel frightening, as if life was a huge beast, and I was on its back, clinging on in the best way I could, trying to stay small and trying to survive.

So I went to Penninghame clutching onto the only hope that maybe I be able to find a way to get clean inside. With the incredible support offered from the staff, assistants, and other members of my group, I engaged with the process, I began to trust. It was hard, it was liberating, it was exhausting, it was life-affirming, it was moving, it was joyous and at times very, very funny. After a couple of days, I noticed a lightness in myself emerging up from my stomach, which seemed to flow up into my head and give me new lovely thoughts about myself -zesty, sustaining thoughts, like fruity gob-stoppers for my mind to suck on. By the end of the week, I felt physically different. I felt as if a jam- jar full of shiny, copper pennies had been placed on a sunny shelf down inside my being. I felt connected, alive, certain, full of life, potential and wonder, and I saw that I was good and I could offer this goodness out. The night before I left, I went back to the stone Buddha. In the cool night air, I rubbed his belly and left him an offering of a pine cone, my currency of gratitude and thanks.

Penninghame will be the best gift you could give to yourself.



I had thought of taking part in the process for many years before actually doing it, but always found an excuse for not going; this was despite my husband and some of my closest friends having gone through and raved about it!

I felt great fear at the prospect of having to face my fears and deal with what ever may ‘come up’ during my time there…and sometimes it is easier to keep ones head in the sand and plod along, because, let’s be frank: change is scary.

I have always been plagued by a hideously low self esteem-I had tons of self confidence, but inside I hated myself a lot of the time. I was convinced  this lack of self esteem stemmed from a difficult and sometimes abusive childhood. The scars of my youth had haunted me all my adult life and sometimes led me down some very dark places indeed. I was trapped by my past, unable to move forward. I was absolutely functioning on the outside, but my heart was heavy.

I knew that to move on and grow as a human being I would have to look at and heal some of my past hurts…and where could help me safely do this? Penninghame.

I had seen the massive (positive) shift in my husband and I suppose I thought if it could help a cynical and hardheaded bloke like him (he is a Forman builder, famously gruff!) then it could help me too.

Eventually I plucked up the courage to contact the Penninghame team and can now say with my hand firmly on my heart, that this was the bravest, most valuable decision  I’ve ever made.

I won’t tell you about the process because that is for you to experience with your own eyes and heart.

What I will tell you is that it changed my life.

Beautifully, gently; sometimes with great sweeping shifts; other times with hesitant baby steps…I had the breakthrough I was looking for and more.

People often ask me what the process consists of: all I can say is that it’s there to help you heal yourself in the most loving, kind and heroic way possible. I call it the greatest gift you could ever give yourself.  Go.



My week at Penninghame was truly the greatest gift life has given me to date, and I have given myself. It was the most empowering, enlightening, and liberating experience of my life, and I now realise I didn’t even know what those words really meant until I experienced them at Penninghame.

I finally believe from the core of my being that my previous thinking patterns of personal judgement, criticism, and old conditioned behaviour patterns I have learnt which were no longer serving me, are no longer going to stop me from living my life letting my light shine from this day on. I can’t wait to see the changes unfold as I set about my life from this shifted, inner perspective.

I had been doing a lot of work prior to the course on awareness and trying to become ‘present’, and I knew that was where I wanted to get to, but I wasn’t sure how much the course was going to be about that.

I didn’t think that going over old stuff was going to give me that, but once we got to the end I saw that it really was all about giving you that back.

And that’s what the course gave me really, I feel like I am actually finally ‘here’, and ok with being myself. In The Power of Now, Eckhart mentions Buddhas definition of enlightenment as the end to suffering, that’s how I feel, it was an end to my own inner suffering, and now I really know how that feels, I can know enlightenment. I’d say that was a pretty good result! Sometimes suffering still arises, but a huge part of it is gone for good, and what arises now I can recognise and dissolve.

Gordon, thank you for words at the end of the course regarding it being ok not to feel I need to do everything all at once. They have been a great comfort to me in the last couple of weeks when I have sometimes felt overwhelmed and unsure where to start to achieve my vision, or if I could really change anything in my life.

There are daily challenges, but every day I manage to take little steps towards shifting from where I was in my life (and thanks to your words, I am also not criticising myself if they are, at the moment, only small steps, because I know that every one of them is an achievement and they all count towards my goals.)

As a result, the belief that the work I did, and holding on to the values we set for our inner state, really will change my life, is going strong.

So, thank you, thank you thank you, all of you!

I feel truly blessed to have been one of the people you have touched with the work you do, and I can never begin to thank everyone involved in the course enough, but by some way of return, I make a commitment to honouring the gift by committing to continue my own inner work, and with everything I do moving forward I will do my best to give back this gift I have received in any way I can.



I used to have a drink problem which nearly destroyed me and my family. I stopped drinking by using a 12 step programme.

But I wanted to go deeper and discover why I drank in the first place. The Penninghame Process was suggested to me by a friend. I didn’t have a clue what to expect , I’d never done any self development workshops before. I signed up and did the process 6 years ago. I used to live in Scotland and it stirred many memories within me when I journeyed North. I arrived on a cold November night, the man that walked in was not the man that left. It was over a 6 days but it felt like a life time. The only advice I’d been given was give it 100% by a friend that had already done it. I did and I got a lot from it. I discovered feelings and what they were, I was given the tools to take responsibility for my anger. The Penninghame Process gave me my life back. I’m not full of anger, revenge or blame also it has helped me with my family. If you are thinking of doing it, it will change your life and the friendships I made there are still strong to this day.



The primal course at Penninghame was a profound and beautiful experience for me at a time of stress and transition in my life. Although I was feeling emotionally fragile when I went, I was able to fully immerse myself in the variety of activities because there was so much non judgemental support from the staff, the environment and the wonderful healthy food. The process the course took me through was powerful and deep but not frightening. I now know there is nothing inside me that I cannot face and embrace and that is a huge freedom. Sharing the process with others has also changed my life perspective in all sorts of ways. Words can’t capture it. If you’re drawn to it, do it!



I am now genuinely happy most of the time, in a peaceful way, and if I am not, I don’t fall into my old patterns of depression. It’s different, and I’m not sure how to explain it, but I usually come out of it quickly and with answers and insights, and then I accomplish a lot of things that I previously wouldn’t have known how to do.
I am so grateful to you, Rosie, Ray, Marie and everyone at Penninghame for the life lessons and tools that are really helping me in a way that is important to me, which is to be free of this sense of victimisation and to feel that I am actually steering my own boat. I have also learned to be so much more at peace with myself and everyone around me and to be more accepting of things as they are. It is a very liberating feeling on the one hand, and it is interesting that I have this need to get used to it – again reminding me of what I learned about the tendency to cling on to the old and familiar even though it may not feel good.
My life hasn’t changed in some spectacularly dramatic way, but the subtlety of the change is very profound. I see it reflected in other people’s faces because they also starting to see me for the first time. Although I still have a few more layers of fear and old stuff to work through, I am just astonished at the number of realisations that come tumbling down on me almost daily, so I can trust that I am right where I need to be.

-Karen, UK

I have been brought in touch much more deeply with the angry (rage) child in me and how she has been on the rampage with chaos, resentment and revenge. I now have awareness that I have a strong investment in negative thoughts that I need to let go of. Invaluable course.

-Caroline, UK

The sessions when we got connected to our father and mother were very powerful for me and have helped me to see both of them in a new way. I have a relationship with my father now for the first time.

-Pauline, UK


Next course dates: arrive Saturday 21st February 2015 for Registration & Welcome Dinner – 6.30 pm.   Course ends Friday 27th February – approx 6.30 pm.  Stay overnight to travel home on Saturday 28th February 2015 after breakfast.  The course fee is £1,595 per person, fully inclusive of all course content, accommodation and meals. (See alternative pricing options below)

We appreciate that individuals have different levels of disposable income and also the current financial situation is challenging for many.  We do however, want to make the course available to everyone so we have a trust and integrity system that you choose what you can afford to pay in the following price scale.

Speak to us if you cannot meet the whole fee up front and require a payment plan.

Bursaries may be available for those who qualify subject to availability.

Level 1   £1,595

Level 2   £995

Level 3   £695

(As a guide we would expect that those participants offering to pay £695 will be students, on low incomes or financially challenged etc.)

2015 dates:

Saturday 21 February – Friday 27 February
Saturday 16 May – Friday 22 May
Saturday 1 August – Friday 7 August
Saturday 26 September – Friday 2 October
Saturday 14 November – Friday 20 November

If you have any questions regarding the course or would personally like to speak to one of the team regarding The Penninghame Process please contact us on:

+44 (0)1671 401414 – Lynn Taylor

+ 44 (0) 7973 674 864 – Gordon Jessiman

+ 44 (0) 7738 429 389 – Nichola Cain

If you prefer please email us at:

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