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Macrociotic Meal

The Ultimate Health Experience at Penninghame House offers a one-week intensive residential course of inspirational learning for your whole well-being; this includes balancing nutrition, improving the quality of life and demystifying health while inspiring the taste buds. You will be immersed in revised western and oriental teachings of health and longevity, the latest accredited scientific discoveries, hands-on cooking lead by world renowned chefs and lessons from the teaching and counselling team of Bill Tara and Marlene Watson Tara.

These teachings link the foods you eat and your lifestyle with not only your physical but also emotional and spiritual stability. The course will cultivate a personal awareness of how to truly care for yourself – as a result you will feel detoxed, slimmer, healthier and friends, family and colleagues will see a whole new you!

The Ultimate Health Experience programme is appropriate for those suffering from health related issues and for those who wish to transform through a full in-depth education of food and its effect on the body. We can guide you if you’re suffering from Immune Deficiency, Diabetes (type II) Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, professional burn-out, blood balancing (sugar/acidity), IBS, weight gain, Osteoporosis, Digestion Issues, Cravings/Addictions, Obesity, Allergies, sleep problems, emotional instability, etc.

The Health Recovery Option

The modern macrobiotic system of health care has been shown to greatly benefit recovery from serious illness. This one-week programme gives you the opportunity to learn the ways you can speed recovery for illness and develop health and vitality. For a small additional fee your Ultimate Health Experience can be tailor-made for specific recovery requirements.

Every guest will receive a Personal Health Consultation with either Bill Tara or Marlene Watson-Tara. Meals will be adapted for specific needs with special teas and home remedies as well as a complete diet and lifestyle programme for when you return home.

Your day begins on the stunning grounds of the regal 19th century manor house estate with morning exercise (Chi Ball or Yoga), followed by a delicious, seasonal buffet breakfast. The afternoon includes health lectures from health consultants touching on topics from “Attacking Cravings” to “Letting go of Fat” and “Building Natural Immunity” followed by cooking classes filled with mouth-watering recipes and our popular home remedy demonstrations which unlock the soothing power of salt-packs for injuries and facilitate detox with adzuki bean tea. Also enjoy free time to rest in the natural beauty of Penninghame House, make the most of our amenities and schedule a personal consultation with our counsellor.

Evenings include optional documentaries screened in the House and a Q&A session with some of our Founders and counsellors. By the end of the day you will be full of new knowledge, copious amounts of our famed, delicious – and of course healthy! – food and ready to start the day anew. Enjoy a restful sleep in our comfortable accommodation and wake up refreshed to some of the most beautiful scenery in Scotland.

At the end of the programme you will be equipped with a complete skill set with which to design your own optimum nutritional lifestyle.

Accommodation is provided in lodges on the estate, in shared or private rooms. Each room is both comfortable and prepared to a high standard.

Dining at Penninghame House is an inspiring experience for both the taste buds and your health. We are renowned for the quality and flavour of our food and the attention and care we bring to each dish.

Three meals a day are provided, including healthy and tasty snacks, and tea and drinks are always available. Ingredients are of the highest standard and follow the seasons. Where possible, we use home-grown organic produce from our extensive walled garden.

“My expectations are far more than met. There is a lot of information provided, lots of things you can take home and incorporate in your life immediately. That is not always the way with programmes. I enjoyed the mix of lectures, home remedies, cooking classes, body movement in the morning. I really feel I can go home and cook it. It doesn’t feel difficult.”

– Linda Thompson, International Events Manager, London

The Ultimate Health Experience will revitalise and rejuvenate your whole being! Whether you are suffering from an imbalance in the body or desire better health, Penninghame is committed to helping you improve the quality of your life. Learn to and gain:

Essential cooking knowledge for cooking hearty and wholesome food.

An understanding of the connection between food & sickness and food & health.

How to create menus from the Penninghame recipes as well as how to make your favourite recipes more healthy.

How to cook for:

  • Family and friends
  • Children
  • Parties/ Finger-food
  • Pregnant mothers and the newborn
  • To support physical work
  • To support mental work
  • Experimental cooking
  • Increased strength and endurance.
  • Greater mental clarity and emotional stability.
  • Prevent/relieve symptoms of specific chronic illnesses.
  • Gain a knowledge of practical home remedies that can be used to alleviate common health complaints.
  • Enjoy exercises to keep motivation consistent and the body strong.
  • Establish good health and improve your overall focus, creativity and performance.

The Ultimate Health Experience is recommended to people of all backgrounds, cultures and professions. Participants must be 16 years or older. Whether you come as an individual, a couple or as part of an organisation, Penninghame Ultimate Health Experience will be the first step to a healthy, balanced you.

“The course was brilliantly balanced, exploring basics for beginners and offering in-depth knowledge for those more experienced. – Emma Loraine-Smith, PR Executive, London

If any of the following statements ring true, you could help yourself by attending a Penninghame Ultimate Health Experience:

  • I am conscious of my health and want to learn more about staying healthy
  • I am concerned that my diet and lifestyle are leading me down a slippery slope
  • I am suffering from a health related illness and want to find new ways to heal myself
  • I suffer from: Diabetes (Type II), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Blood balancing (sugar/acidity), Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Osteoporosis, Emotional Instability, Immune Deficiency, Kidney weakness, Digestion issues, Cravings/Addictions, Obesity, Allergies, Sleep problems
  • I care for someone who is suffering with poor health and want to learn new recipes and remedies to care better for them
  • I want my children to grow up with the best diet and lifestyle I can give them
  • I want to have energy and zest for life
  • I want to try to reduce my reliance on taking drugs for my illness and adopt a more natural approach to healing
  • I’m tired of paying premium prices for junk food

“I have learned so much about looking after myself and my family even better, and will recommend it to others” Kate Russell Peace, Artist, Leeds

How many people are on each course?

Group sizes range from a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 24 participants.

Are there any restrictions on the course?

Smoking indoors, taking of snuff, drinking alcohol and the taking of recreational drugs is not permitted.

What do I need to bring?

Bring comfortable clothes for morning exercise, comfortable walking shoes and slippers for indoors. An alarm clock and an umbrella are also useful items to pack.  You are welcome to dress up for the welcome dinner in the main house.

What do I need to do to prepare for the course?

No preparation is required; you just need to arrive with an appetite to learn and a willingness to consider how you could change your health and wellbeing for the better.

Where is the course held?

The course is run at Penninghame House, Newton Stewart in South West Scotland. Please see About Us > Where we are for more details. Travel advice is also detailed on these pages.

This Programme is led by Bill & Marlene Tara & The Penninghame Team, for more information on our Programme Leaders click here.

Prices for the Ultimate Health Experience are as follows:-
Shared Twin Room £995
Single Room £1,075
Ensuite Shared Twin Room £1,160
Ensuite Single Room £1,250
Premium Shared Room £1,590
Premium Single Room £1,940
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