Eliminating Stress & Avoiding Executive Burnout

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A busy life often requires us to move beyond the boundaries of healthy living. One of the greatest challenges of modern life is finding a balance between our commitments to business, family, society and our self. Since stress is a major contributing factor in the development of many serious illness we need to develop strategies for healthy living so that we can enjoy the benefits of the life we work so hard to achieve.

This programme is aimed at teaching the busy city dweller how to nourish both the body and mind while experiencing the relaxing environment of Penninghame. You will learn simple tricks to eat well, reduce stress and keep fit while in the office and on the road.

You will learn and understand these stress reduction techniques:

  • Learning to Deal with Stress
  • Simple Meditation and Stress Reduction
  • Understanding Stress and Habit
  • Using the Five Minute Cool Down System
  • Breathe
  • Fix and Release
  • See the Pond
  • Check the Body
  • Shake it Down

During your stay at Penninghame you will enjoy:

  • 3 night accommodation on Penninghame House period estate
  • Enrollment in health lectures by accredited health consultants
  • Nutritious and delicious meals and mouth-watering snacks each day
  • Healthy cooking demonstrations
  • Practical and effective home remedies and instruction
  • Access to Modern Macrobiotic health consultant who will follow your progress throughout the week
  • Five-course gourmet Modern Macrobiotic dinner in Penninghame House period dining room
  • Complimentary morning exercise: yoga and chi ball
  • Guidance while detoxing
  • Full use of Penninghame’s tea bar, plus remedy drinks
  • Full use of Penninghame’s sauna, steam room and gym facilities
  • Take away health packet full of recipes and health information
  • Evening activities: talks, Q&A and film screenings

This Program is led by Bill & Marlene Tara.

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