Diabetes Programme

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Diabetes – The Healthy Solution

Would you rather create a healthy life than learn to live with disease?

  Would you like to dramatically reduce your insulin or live without it?

Would you rather be treated as an intelligent person than a helpless patient?

If the answer to these questions is yes – this programme is for you.


Diabetes is a debilitating disease that has now reached epidemic proportions.  Government figures show the rate of diabetes rising toward 3 million with another 5 million plus diagnoses as obese in the UK. Most of the cases of diabetes are Type 2, an illness that is not only preventable but in most cases can be reversed or dramatically improved.  We know that is a bold statement but it is a true one.

The most effective way to improve or cure diabetes is to eliminate the causal factors and reverse the disease process. This means learning to transform the daily habits of diet, activity and mentality that contribute to the disease.  We do not use any miracle remedies or mystical mantras; only solid common sense, nutrition and practical life skills.

Our medically monitored programme is centred on teaching a fool-proof diabetes dietary programme of delicious natural foods and, simple exercises and by promoting our personal capacity to take charge of our health.  This is achieved through a daily schedule of hands-on cooking classes, individualised exercise programmes and informative talks that teach you to better understand your condition and make healthy life choices.

Each client will have an initial  ‘one to one’ personal consultation with one of our qualified programme leaders, be given personal attention during their stay and have dietary adjustments made specifically for their individual needs. Since many people who suffer from diabetes have weight issues, healthy weight loss will be accomplished during the programme as well a follow-up programme for the following months.

Fourteen days to a new and healthier life!

Our Diabetes Programme combines the residential course of fourteen days at Penninghame House after which our clients leave us with a two week Diabetes Diet Starter Pack of ingredients and recipes.  Participants are also given support and on-line help after they leave us so that our experts can guide them in the continuation of the journey they started during their stay.

Learn more by downloading our free eBook by Bill Tara, world renowned expert in modern macrobiotics. How to reverse your diabetes

Our two week Diabetes Programme is now complemented by our short course available on DVD.

The three hour course consists of three DVDs looking at 5 Myths About Diabetes; Health and Habit; Ten Tips for Healthy Eating; Nutritional Stress; Introducing Whole Foods, Exercise. The DVDs also include cooking demonstrations and recipe suggestions for tasty, healthy food which will help you to improve your diabetes.

The most effective way to improve or cure diabetes is to eliminate the causal factors and reverse the disease process. Our DVD programme will help you better understand your condition how to make healthy life choices.

Price £49.00 (plus P & P) for the three DVDs. Available by telephoning +44 (0)1671 401414 or emailing info@penninghame.org. Soon to be available to purchase on-line.

Full Programme Content

Three delicious healthy and healing meals a day

Personalized exercise programme and daily sessions

Review of Medical History

Two sets of blood work (one on arrival and one at the end of the programme to chart your success)

Complete Personal Consultation with Four Week Health Programme for when you return home

Daily Special Teas for Detox and Strengthening

Two Shiatsu Massage Treatments

Seaweed baths, Steam or Sauna

Eight Hands-On and Entertaining Cooking Classes

Eight Chi Ball Classes

Ten informative talks on Creating Healthy Habits

Two Personal Life Style sessions

Full Course Recipes and Study Notes

Copy of “Macrobiotics for All Seasons” by Marlene Watson-Tara

Copy of “Natural Body / Natural Mind by Bill Tara

A “Healthy Eating Starter Pack” filled with staple foods, recipes and a meal plan to last for two weeks – just add fresh ingredients

Four-month email follow-up with two telephone-coaching sessions

Programme Leaders: William Tara, Marlene Watson-Tara and Dr Martin Innes.

The price for the Penninghame Diabetes Two Week Residential Programme is £4,250 per participant. This price includes all accommodation, meals, treatments, lectures, classes, tests and medical support. We at Penninghame appreciate that partners provide support to Diabetes sufferers therefore we have made it possible for partners to join the programme in order to help the participant make any lifestyle changes. The price for the partner package is £2,750 (Treatments, tests, medical support and follow up service are not available for the partner’s package). Please contact us by phone if you would like to discuss further or book with your partner. +44(0)1671 401414 [EVENT_ESPRESSO_CATEGORY event_category_id=”2460″]