Modern Macrobiotics

The History of Macrobiotics in the West

Rock stars, businessmen and movie actors are often quoted as saying that they follow a macrobiotic diet. Many of the rich and famous travel with a personal macrobiotic chef but this way of eating is still a mystery for most people.

The macrobiotic theory of health and diet has been actively pursued in America and Europe for over 60 years. The Japanese philosopher and teacher George Ohsawa introduced his interpretation of traditional Asian medicine to Europe in the 1950’s as a way to enhance personal health and vitality. These concepts reflect a tradition of experience and observation that goes back over 5,000 years. The dietary advice usually associated with macrobiotics is the “Standard Macrobiotic Diet”.

Michio Kushi, a student of Ohsawa, developed the standard diet in the early 1980’s with assistance from Bill Tara, Ed Esko, William Spear and Murray Snyder. The standard diet was presented to offer a general model of macrobiotic eating. It was not a “diet” for anyone but a template that could be adapted to fit personal needs. The model was helpful to the growing number of people seeking help with their health who were dealing with cancer, heart disease and a variety of serious illnesses. Thousands of people found assistance in recovering their health using variations of the standard diet and macrobiotics became closely associated with a specific therapeutic approach to nutrition. What is it>>