QVC’s Debbie Flint blogs about Penninghame “one of my highlights of the year”

Debbie Flint from the shopping channel QVC joined us at Penninghame for our April Ultimate Health Experience.

At Penninghame in Scotland, I learned how to cook delicious macrobiotic food every afternoon, had some fabulous therapies every lunchtime, did lots of yoga and ‘chi-ball’ every morning, and learned daily about how the food you eat affects your health. Big time. All in some of the most unbelievable grounds and all with some wonderful people – including Marlene Watson-Tara…………

Now not a lot of people know this (!) but I am not a good cook. I know! Bet that surprised you! (NOT! – if you’re a regular to my kitchen shows!) lol.  So how proud was I when – yes, believe it or not, Debbie Did Cooking!”

To read more about Debbie and her time at Penninghame click the link Debbie does cooking!


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