Leave the past behind and live the life you want!

Join us for our next Penninghame Process (Primal) programme starting on the 2nd November.

The Penninghame Process (previously known as Primal) is a 6 day residential course focused on deep personal healing work.

Our programme will take you by the hand as you start your journey to encounter the past and transform for example low self-esteem and anger into peace and reconciliation. You will acquire the tools to move on in life with a sense of liberation from the past.

The beautiful environment at Penninghame House gives space for reflection and your personal journey. There are many paths and walkways around the estate where you can walk or sit by the river, in the woodland or on the lawn to listen and watch nature unfold before you.

If you would like to join us on the forthcoming programme, please contact us on +44(0)1671 401414 or email info@penninghame.org
The cost for the 6 day programme is £1,595 per person which includes all therapy work, 24 hour access to a course assistant, accommodation and meals.
All information received by the Penninghame Foundation from participants is treated with complete confidentiality.


Events and relationships in our childhood can create feelings of negativity, anger, bitterness and anxiety which, when suppressed, can get locked inside us. In adult life, those feelings hide in the subconscious and can sabotage our lives without us realising what is driving us from the inside.

We work on releasing negative emotions and held tensions, adopted social roles and survival strategies to help you find who you really are and what you really want from life. The course is focused on the primal emotions and on rediscovery of the playful and joyous inner being that still bubbles inside us, but has all too often been suppressed. When you remove the blocks of your past, you will experience the freedom to be who you really are, to live in the present without fear or anger – to choose who you wish to be!

The course is primarily experiential, using a variety of creative techniques and exercises, working on victim roles, power issues, anger, guilt, shame, suffering and pain. Techniques include, amongst others, deep self-enquiry, body work, dynamic meditations, spirit integration (Oneness Experience) and Family Constellation Work – all helping to discover the hidden dynamics in your everyday life and to reconnect you to the natural flow of love.

Penninghame Process (Primal) will help you to understand your core life issues and how to address them, opening yourself up to a new life and unleashing the potential within you. While experiencing something completely different, deep and powerful, this course will enable you to:

  • Understand the influence of early life conditioning – how things that happen when we are children affect us as adults
  • Become aware of the underlying dynamics of your relationships – with your parents, partners, children, friends and colleagues
  • Learn what it means to set right your personal relationships – how to leave your past behind, take charge of your life and have fun with it!
  • Understand your emotional charges and experience breaking through these multiple feeling layers.
  • Learn how to release suppressed emotions and destructive emotional patterns
  • Get in touch with your authentic self and allow yourself to open up to the potential you have within
  • Move from separation and loneliness to inner connectedness
  • Experience joy, hope, inspiration, self-confidence, inner freedom, openness, safety, and trust in yourself and in the higher purpose of your life


Penninghame Process (Primal) is recommended to people of all ages, cultures, backgrounds and professions. Whether you come as an individual, a couple or as part of an organisation, this course can help open life up for you. We also welcome parents with teenage children who want help in developing their relationship.

If any of the following statements ring true with you, you will benefit from attending a Penninghame Process (Primal):

  • I want to break free from destructive and dysfunctional emotional relationships and behaviours
  • I have early childhood wounds and traumas that I want to heal and move away from the past
  • I feel stuck in a rut, like the same cycle of issues keep showing up in my life
  • I want to escape from my insecurities, loneliness and low self-esteem
  • I feel the need to start afresh and start to live my full potential as a human being
  • I often feel lost and lack motivation for life
  • I am tired of the emotional rollercoaster that I seem to be permanently riding
  • I want to improve my relationships – intimate, family, social and at work – but don’t know how
  • I feel like a victim of my past and can’t move away from it to the life that I want
  • I struggle to connect with people or struggle with intimacy or physical relationships
  • I simply want to lead a more joyful, fulfilling and creative life
  • I work with children and/or plan to have children and want to be able to give them the best start in life. (As our parents before us, we in turn pass on our emotional make-up, whether consciously or unconsciously, to our children as a blueprint for their lives)

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