I am now genuinely happy most of the time, in a peaceful way, and if I am not, I don’t fall into my old patterns of depression. It’s different, and I’m not sure how to explain it, but I usually come out of it quickly and with answers and insights, and then I accomplish a lot of things that I previously wouldn’t have known how to do.
I am so grateful to you, Rosie, Ray, Marie and everyone at Penninghame for the life lessons and tools that are really helping me in a way that is important to me, which is to be free of this sense of victimisation and to feel that I am actually steering my own boat. I have also learned to be so much more at peace with myself and everyone around me and to be more accepting of things as they are. It is a very liberating feeling on the one hand, and it is interesting that I have this need to get used to it – again reminding me of what I learned about the tendency to cling on to the old and familiar even though it may not feel good.
My life hasn’t changed in some spectacularly dramatic way, but the subtlety of the change is very profound. I see it reflected in other people’s faces because they also starting to see me for the first time. Although I still have a few more layers of fear and old stuff to work through, I am just astonished at the number of realisations that come tumbling down on me almost daily, so I can trust that I am right where I need to be.

Karen, UK

I have been brought in touch much more deeply with the angry (rage) child in me and how she has been on the rampage with chaos, resentment and revenge. I now have awareness that I have a strong investment in negative thoughts that I need to let go of. Invaluable course.

Caroline, UK

The sessions when we got connected to our father and mother were very powerful for me and have helped me to see both of them in a new way. I have a relationship with my father now for the first time.

Pauline, UK

The journey at Penninghame can sometimes be emotionally difficult and challenging, but they take care of you in every physical way. The accommodation is luxurious, the food plentiful, healthy and delicious, the beautiful grounds calming and nurturing. Throughout the whole process, the staff are there to ensure you are safe and supported at all times.

Ms. ES, Therapist, UK

As a man who has never cooked in his life apart from egg and beans and never even prepared a vegetable before, I found the class fun, informative and confidence giving, I was put at ease. So much so that I now intend to cook my wife a three course dinner, she wishes I had taken this class years ago!

"With such an idyllic setting and beautiful grounds, it's hardly surprising that Penninghame has become a leading centre for wellbeing. Aside from the incredibly delicious and well-presented food, and the entertaining and instructive courses, what I appreciated most was the people. There is a genuine warmth among those who work there that is infectious. I greatly enjoyed my time there."

Deborah Valentine, Contributing Editor of Talent Engagement

"The house and grounds are beautiful, the perfect setting for the courses. I have carried much of the enthusiasm and knowledge with me and I feel honoured to have spent time with teachers Bill and Marlene and hosts Marie and Ray. Its not often you go away and find people who are so genuinely concerned for your well being. And the food was fantastic - I have incorporated a lot of what I learnt into my diet and feel all the better for it"

Felicity Cousins, Features Editor of Business Traveller Magazine

This is a magical, special place. Just walking through the wonderful grounds is a rest cure in itself but the knowledge and kindness of Marie, Ray and their team make it a transformative experience that can have a lasting effect. I learned so much and overhauled not just my diet but the way I deal with stress.

Lisa Armstrong
Times Fashion Editor

I was hoping to go on the Oneness course but due to some coincidences I got the day mixed up and got put on the Primal. I looked on the website and it mentioned the relationships with the father and mother, so I thought the course would do me some good anyway. After the course I felt more grounded, understand myself a lot more and am more open to everyone.

Tina Lau
Bank Clerk, London

I thought that the course leadership was excellent, very thoughtful, caring and wise. The sense of a safe, experienced, wise, loving team brought wisdom and love into the group.

Stephanie Sinclaire
Artist & Film Producer, London

The Penninghame Ultimate Health Experience changed the way I eat. As a result, I've kept my weight steady, my energy levels high and feel a wellbeing and vitality I've never experienced before. A truly life-transforming experience on every level. It boosts your physical, emotional and spiritual health, and the bonus is that you never feel hungry or deprived throughout the week. You leave on a health high, nourished in every sense.

Anna Pasternak

If you want to get the most out of life, whilst also contributing to our beautiful planet, you really couldn't do better than spend a week in the tranquil, natural ambience of Penninghame House.

Kate Russell Peace
Artist, Leeds

I would like to thank the whole team, it has been a real honour to be part of this programme. All the awareness and knowledge you have put into it has made it a very powerful experience for me. Thank you again for such a wonderful, transformative time.

Victoria Russell,
Artist/Painter, London

I love the owls in the night and the sound of river and the huge great ancient trees standing and watching us in silence.

Victoria Russell,
Artist/Painter, London

The accommodation is luxurious, the food plentiful, healthy and delicious, the beautiful grounds calming and nurturing. Throughout the whole process, the staff are there to ensure you are comfortable and supported at all times.

E Street
Therapist, UK

I've had a lovely 'hum' in my tummy the whole week :) I'll change quite a few habits when I get home. I feel so much more calm and balanced yet energised! I will definitely be recommending Penninghame to others.

Victoria Russell,
Artist/Painter, London

It was really worth it. It was good to have the consultation before the course. Made all that we learned on the Health Week so much more real for me.

Kate Russell Peace
Artist, Leeds

We have been in the restaurant business for a long time. Ray and Marie have taught us about the balancing and healing effects of food ... NOT only about the health aspect, but how to make it taste divine!

Carin & Christer Falkholt
Restaurant Owners, Sweden

Penninghame House's holistic programme for mind, body and soul suggests ways to help the individual make choices to create a more balanced life and benefit the greater good. I left with a sense of empowerment, hope and peace.

Kerry Brown

I am so grateful for each and every person who has contributed to this jewel ... not a retreat, more a "forward"! Not only course but true wisdom delivered with kindness and compassion

Kate Russell Peace
Artist, Leeds

I feel that I have been given a second chance to live life fully to my true self.

Bonnie Ying Liu
Business Owner, Bejing

Having done all of the Penninghame courses, I have seen how deeply and profoundly my life has changed. I've reached a new level of inner peace, joy, freedom and creativity.

Ela Kuresevic
Business Consultant, Croatia

Penninghame...Where the world really starts to make sense and YOU start to feel alive, engaged and vital. I really can't recommend it enough!

Laura Wallis
Management Consultant, London

I have undergone many similar processes over the past 20 years both within the UK and other countries and I can honestly say that the Penninghame Process is the most powerful, life-changing course I have ever undertaken. I would whole-heartedly recommend it to anyone and everyone.

Andrew Wallas
Business Man

I'm not sure what words I can use to thank you for giving me a piece of myself back - what gift is more priceless and precious than that!

Emily Davies, P.A., UK

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