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Our story begins in the year 2000 when we decided to leave our busy London life and move to the country. Having a series of life changing experiences and profound inner transformation we had a dream of creating a course centre that would facilitate and support individual and collective transformation. Penninghame House proved to be the perfect place to start bringing this broad vision to life.

We created the Penninghame House Foundation as an international learning and training centre focused on health, well-being and the understanding of food and its effect on well-being that was so important to us.  We present an approach to nutrition that inspires the taste-buds while creating transformation from the inside out.

Set in a regal 19th-century Scottish manor house and estate, we offer one week intensive residential programmes for all those who have the appetite to change their lives for the better. A not-for-profit education centre, Penninghame House, we are proud to say that our dream has become a reality.

Penninghame House has gained a reputation for being a leading centre for health and well-being. Our unique, effective food philosophy, delicious dishes, educational programs and world-renowned teachers and support staff have been lauded and recognised by many leading publications.

Hundreds of people have experienced the transformational impact of the Penninghame programmes, the enchanting beauty of its natural surroundings and the comfort, peace and tranquillity of the Estate. We hope you will visit us on the banks of the River Cree and see for yourself why our guests leave with a smile on their face and a spring in their step.

Ray and Marie Butler


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