Kitchen Staff

Jack Lambeth – Head Chef.

Jack has been a professional chef for 6 years but has a lifetime’s experience of healthy eating and cooking having been raised in a macrobiotic family, a mother who is a professional macrobiotic chef and a father who is a shiatsu practitioner.  From a young age one of jack’s passions has been food – spending his early years cooking with his family and learning how to manage health through the art of cooking.  A few years ago he began teaching cooking classes before moving on to cook for up to 1000 people at an annual week-long festival.

Jack began working at Penninghame over three years ago at the same time he met his wife, Sasha who had come to Penninghame as a volunteer.  They now have a baby boy called Lucas who is a Penninghame child through and through!

Jack has trained in some of the best natural food and gourmet restaurants in Italy and Sweden, coupling his love of food, knowledge of ingredients with the finesse needed to create dishes that are as appealing to the eyes and taste buds as they are good for health.

With the launch of Penninghame’s Cooking School, Jack brings joy and laughter to the cooking class experience as well as an ability to inspire students with his enthusiasm and knowledge.




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