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Programme Leader on Penninghame Process

Ray Butler

Ray Butler is a very successful entrepreneur and a businessman, keen yachtsman (he has sailed the Atlantic twice!) and a compassionate Course Leader in several of Penninghame Foundations courses.
Ray Butler’s personal inner journey and deep transformation has made him passionate about the emotional health and wellbeing of other people. He has been trained by some of the world leading pioneers in personal development, (including Bengt Stern – Meet Yourself Process, Cliff Barry – Shadow Work, Aneesha Dillon – Body Work, Rahasya & Nura), and is continuing to do so whenever the opportunity arises. Ray has been also trained at the Oneness University in India.
Being a member of business community himself and deeply aware of the challenges in today’s business world Ray’s interest lies in helping business people to apply integral approach to life while integrating intuition and inner guidance into everyday decision making.
Ray’s friendly, unassuming and down to earth manner, combined with a solid trustworthiness, compassion and integrity creates a powerful presence for assisting personal healing and inner transformation.

Programme Leader of The Penninghame Process

Rosie Manton

Rosie has always been a creative spirit. Throughout her rich and varied life, she has had three guiding themes; Art, Music and Dance, with curiosity about people and how they function making a fourth! Rosie has always been passionate for the right of individuals to be and to freely express themselves.

Trained as a Psychosynthesis Psychotherapist she has over twenty years experience of individual client and group work and is currently running workshops and training therapists in Penninghame, London, Stockholm and Gothenburg.

Rosie has creatively combined her experience of the body and the mind offering a blend of the healing arts, dance, music and art with psychotherapy. Rosie trained with Gabrielle Roth and is now teaching 5 Rhythms dance – reconnecting dance and spirit. She is also a fully qualified leader of Holotropic Breathwork workshops, certified by the founder Dr Stanislav Grof. Rosie is ever expanding her remit of expertise, with advanced bodywork training with Aneesha Dillon in Pulsation, a blend of Reichian Bodywork and Chakra work.

For pleasure, Rosie paints and plays Sousaphone in a local jazz band in Southern Spain, where she lives with husband Malise.

Programme Leader of The Penninghame Process

 Gordon is complementary, holistic therapist and is also a qualified Reiki 1 & 2 Practitioner, Magnified energy healer, Reconnection Practitioner 1 & 2, Spiral Dynamics and Oneness Blessing Giver.

His work combines many modalities, including Spiritual Life Coaching, Reiki, and Reconnection, to help people find their innermost freedom and peace.

He believes his purpose as a spiritual life coach is to enable people to find the blockages within and release the unexpressed past experiences, find self-forgiveness and let go to allow freedom into all that you do in life.

After having been drawn to alternative and complimentary therapies over the past few years, Gordon established the Namaste Foundation with his wife Maria who is also a trained therapist. The Namaste Foundation is a holistic therapy centre based in a small, family run hotel in the heart of Wimbledon that offers a wide variety of alternative therapies to help people heal and discover their inner selves.

Gordon and Maria Jessiman’s connection with Penninghame began when they had concerns about their son’s behaviour. He often had outbursts of anger and frustration which held him back in his education and caused a strain on the family. They were desperate to find a solution and tried various methods to help, but to no avail. They felt unable to find a reason to explain his behaviour.

During his son’s first year at secondary school Gordon was recommended the Penninghame Process and attended the course in 2008. The course enabled Gordon to find and understand more of who he is and it gave him the ability to take responsibility for his own actions and feelings without, projecting them onto another person.

However, their sons’ behaviour, though improved, was still a strain. They and his school agreed that the Penninghame Process could be beneficial and he attended the course in November 2012.

Since their son attended, Gordon and his wife have noticed an amazing transformation in him, both in and out of school, and he exceeded his academic expectations.

After undertaking his own spiritual journey and experiencing a dramatic change in his family, Gordon decided his wanted to extend this gift of awareness to others. One of the ways he achieves this is through his wonderful work with the Penninghame Process.

Penninghame Assistant – Maria Ann Jessiman

Maria Ann Jessiman

Maria is an ITEC trained Holistic therapist with practitioner insurance and membership of ‘The Federation of Holistic Therapies’ which offers on-going training and guidance for all practitioners.

Maria initially qualified as a Montessori Teacher, working passionately with the values of Montessori from an early age with both children and adults. Following this, she went on to become a complimentary therapist training as a Reiki practitioner 1&2, reconnection healing 1&2, holistic massage with stress management, Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

After attending Freedom In Living in India earlier this year, Maria has furthered her development and is now trained as a OWA meditator and holds meditation meetings at the hotel. In addition, she trained as a Family Lab practitioner in July, embracing and applying the values of the family therapist and author, Jesper Juul in all areas of life. These values are also held with all the Penninghame team.

Maria has a passion for personal development for herself and others. Along with her daughter, Maria opened Lu-Ma café within a family run hotel earlier this year. With a long term vision of people caring for their own health holistically, the intention is that Lu-ma café (healthy, organic seasonal food) and the Namaste Foundation (complimentary therapies and personal development courses), will compliment each other in assisting people on their journeys.

Maria was introduced to Penninghame after her husband undertook the course. After Gordon return home from his Penninghame Process, she noticed a difference in his whole outlook and decided that she too would attend the course six months later. They both experienced a personal shift in their perception of the world, which in turn has helped strengthen their 33 year relationship, their family bonds and extended relationships.

Maria believes that allowing ourselves the space and time to become connected ‘mind body and soul’ is the greatest gift we could give ourselves, and that our bodies are precious ‘holdings’ to carry our spirit so we should give all the nourishment life has to offer.


Penninghame Assistant – Nick Farrar

Nick Farrar
Nick Farrar

Nick has more than 40 years of experience in social work, management, and project management. He is experienced in many different areas including carers support, palliative care, mental health, disabilities, families, transcultural work, and work on quality standards.

Nick has an M.B.A. and a Doctorate in Education, specialising in skills development which relates to ‘tacit knowledge’.

He is currently a trustee for his local RELATE organisation and for a local disability organisation.

In his spare time, Nick enjoys the great outdoors and is a qualified Dry Stone Waller. He is currently a partner in rebuilding a mile-long 14th century boundary wall in North Yorkshire.

Nick initially attended the Penninghame Process because of dietary issues.

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Penninghame Assistant – Gill Stanyard

Gill Stanyard
Gill Stanyard

Gill has always been a seeker. From the age of eighteen when she went from living in a hostel for homeless young people to raising money for a place on a Raleigh International expedition in Namibia, she has always tried to live a life of no limitations. She has studied many subjects, initially studying Social Work at Plymouth University. A turning point came for her when she was hit by a car on the way back from working a nightshift at a psychiatric hospital in Glasgow.

She left her life as it was and began anew in Dumfries and Galloway, at a therapeutic community for people recovering from mental health problems. She lived and worked there for two years, where she began her journey into the spiritual layer of life. This is where she learnt about the teachings of the Buddha, meditation, yoga assertive and authentic communication – a survival skill in communal life.
Gill is fascinated by expression and empowerment. She believes in everyone finding a way to be heard and have a voice. Gill likes to be independent and creative, runs her own model called Blue Skies Venture –  offering people a brighter life through group walking/talking followed by a stimulating and feel-good session of shared reading aloud of literature and poetry which reflects the human condition.
She is passionate about the human experience, especially our relationship with spirit and ourselves. Currently she studies Shamanism and is also a trainee Psychotherapist. She has also just completed an International Certificate in Leadership with the Institute of Leadership and Management. She puts this to good use as a Non- Exec Director for the NHS.

Gill is sensitive, responsive, has a wicked sense of humour, she is a woman you would want by your side to encourage, inspire, make you laugh and comfort you. ‘Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass’.

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Penninghame Assistant – Nichola Cain

Nichola Ure

About 10 years ago, Nichola decided to change her life. After working long  hours for a  number of years in London and developing a number of health  problems she realised  something had to change. She soon embarked on her  personal development journey.

Nichola’s first experience at The Penninghame Process was in November  2013 when  she attended the Step 1 course and has never looked back. Since  then Nichola has used  her loving personality to help assist on the Process and  has recently attended Step 2 as  a participant. Nichola believes that The  Penninghame Process is the best gift she ever  gave herself and a truly life  changing experience.

She is an avid walker, a lover of being in nature and is very connected to the  world on a  spiritual level. She regularly meditates and embraces alternative therapies such as reiki, kinesiology and reflexology. Nichola loves to dance and have fun.

Nichola is a caring and loving person and does everything in her power to help other people.

She is a communications and values expert and works with many companies on how they communicate internally and externally.  One of her key talents is nurturing her staff members and she prides herself on the innovative work her company does in this area.

She is heavily involved with the charity The Wilderness Foundation and organises and participates in many events to raise money for charity.

Nichola loves being part of The Penninghame family, seeing huge transformation take place, being part of such a special process and living her life in awareness and gratitude.

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Penninghame Assistant – Liz Slingsby

Liz Slingsby
Liz Slingsby

Liz has been a member of the Penninghame team since 2014 after participating on Step 1 herself.

It was a niggling feeling that there must be more to life than the ‘normality with undertones of anguish, underachievement and a lack of love and happiness’, that brought Liz to spiritual development and working on her own personal inner transformation work in 2014.

Having been recommended to the process by a friend who had also participated in the course, Liz decided it was finally time to invest some care into herself. She set about trying to achieve real change and start living the life she wanted, and she hasn’t looked back.

Having emerged from the process feeling energised and ready to begin living life with a fresh new outlook, free of many old inner limitations, Liz couldn’t help but want to join the team to help facilitate the process and support others through their own inner transformation.

In the space of less than a year, Liz is now the Director of her own company ‘Raw Nibbles’, testament to the real changes she set out to achieve in her life. Through her company she is dedicated to expanding health and wellbeing through pure organic tasty treats and promoting self care and freedom from sugar addiction.

Liz is now also trained in reiki level 1 and 2 healing and is continually expanding her experience of other spiritual and wellbeing practices such as meditation, mindfulness, journey work, and pulsation breathing work in order to continue her own development.

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Penninghame Assistant – James Harris

James Harris cropped
James Harris

 James is a keen sportsman and huge animal lover, volunteering at a local RSPCA re-  homing centre.

Having always had difficulties in feeling and expressing his emotions, accompanied by a  sense that life was passing him by and he was missing something, James decided to  investigate why.

Having no idea where to start he sought inspiration from the 100 Greatest Love Poems  which didn’t help at all!

After a workshop from former Penninghame leader Kari, James was left wandering what  the heck these people were on! However, there was intrigue and a Penninghame seed  was sown.

Having taken massive strides in understanding himself and changing his reality of the world and others following The Penninghame Process, James decided he wanted to help others along their journey and gratefully accepted an offer to became an Assistant. James found this inspiring to be able to help and watch others develop, grow, realise and release.

James has sort many alternative methods of personal insight including EFT, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, journey work, breathwork, meditation, mindfulness and spiritual books. After some amazing experiences with Reiki, he has now trained to practitioner Levels 1 and 2.

James has gone from football, boozing and partying every weekend, which he recognised was an escape mechanism and a way to repress emotions, to continually looking into himself and the world around him to be more present and alive. Obviously still enjoying the odd party every now and then!

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Lynn Taylor

Lynn initially trained in admin, but looking back over her working life she sees the pattern whereby the Universe has engineered her learning and growth through the various working environments she has found herself in. Always up for a physical challenge, Lynn has enjoyed an active life, loves the mountains and hills and remote spaces.  She learned to ride a horse age 59  (a childhood dream) now enjoys riding her mountain bike and, on a more sedate note, though finding it much more difficult she is learning to play clarinet and read music!

Going with the flow has always been Lynn’s motto through the various stages of life. This is sometimes easier said than done, especially through some difficult and challenging situations.   She has had many years of “in house” training through different employments in counselling and supporting abused and damaged young people and adults, working in residential and community settings.  Lynn was the first Scottish person to participate in the Penninghame Process in 2002 (known then as Primal) and went on to take the opportunity of participating in many other courses working with energy, the breath and bodywork.  Since coming to Penninghame Lynn has found what she knew on one level she was looking for – a respectful, caring, authentic way of really enabling people to reach and heal the deep hurt and damage they often carry.


Frank Taylor

Frank is our Estate Manager. He has been with us from the beginning and does an expert job of organising the practical projects which abound at Penninghame. Frank also handles the volunteer programme, liasing with them before arrival and showing them the ropes once they arrive. As well as being a knowledgeable resource on all things Penninghame, Frank is also a talented photographer and we are proud to say his work can be seen on the site and throughout all the buildings at Penninghame.



Both Lynn and Frank love nature and hill walking which they often do together.

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