Coming home to yourself

Set in the stunningly beautiful grounds of a private Estate in Scotland, the Penninghame Process is a six day inner journey of  transformation. This unique residential retreat has evolved over sixteen years and is designed to help anyone aged over eighteen who is committed to wanting change

Our understanding here at Penninghame is that as children, we need to feel safe to thrive. If tension, abuse or dysfunction existed within our family structure, then as children, we felt in danger of being abandoned, neglected and unloved. We had to adopt a strategy  to either deflect or attract attention in order to survive. This strategy often came in the form of developing a role which we could hide behind and thus shut off from our heart and authentic feelings.

Such a role might have been as the Clown in order to cheer parents up and stop them fighting, or by becoming the Sick One and feigning or developing  illness in order to get attention and seen. Other examples of roles include the High Achiever, Daddy’s Good Girl or Mummy’s Little Soldier, or maybe you became the Invisible One?  What happens is that as we grow and develop, our roles and ideas about our place in the world become more cemented -so that by the time we are where we are today, we can find ourselves numb from feeling and often appear robotic in our day to day life. We can experience ourselves as feeling very stressed and trapped with no joy or spontaneity within our relationships.

Our focus here at Penninghame is what would life be like if you could be who you were born to be?  With no fear, no shame or worries about being exposed or letting others down. The course will offer you a powerful emotional, physical and psychological spring clean through which you, who you really are, will emerge, like a beautiful sculpture from a piece of rock. You will learn how to express your emotions and how this will naturally create a positive connection to yourself. You will find that you have increased clarity and your inner compass will begin to guide you in making decisions with ease.  You will find it easier to create an abundant, healthy life and build a more positive relationship with yourself and others.

With a highly experienced team to support and guide you, along with a wide variety of exercises, designed to develop compassion and insight; you will start to feel stronger, see clearer and joy will start to flow within you.  Your body will be nourished by a diet of Macrobiotic food, which will leave you feeling cleaner on the inside with a balance of energy and calmness.

The 6 day Process had a profound effect on me; I recently described it as a feeling that I had propelled myself into the future with unstoppable energy, whilst being fully aware of the beautiful world all around me.  For the first time ever I felt confident feeling connected in mind, body, heart and soul.  I have come away with a set of tools to help me cultivate this awareness and I practice this daily. 

(Nick, Former Army Officer -October  Step 1 Process, 2016)

About Penninghame

Penninghame House is a Victorian Mansion house surrounded by the beautiful nature of Galloway in South West Scotland. Set in it’s own grounds of around 120 acres, consisting of parkland, woodland and a large walled garden. The River Cree runs past the house, adding to the enchanting beauty of the natural surroundings and the comfort, peace and tranquility of the Estate. Entering Penninghame has often been described as entering a magical kingdom.  Due to its remoteness and lack of pollution, the area in and around the Galloway Forest Park has been awarded the status of being one of only four “Dark Sky Parks” in the western world. Look up at night and see for yourself the shimmering constellations.

The house was used as a hospital during the World War 1 after which it returned to use as a private home but in the early 1950’s the Prison Service bought Penninghame and operated an open prison in it until 2000.
The current owners, Ray and Marie Butler, purchased Penninghame in 2000 and undertook a five year programme of renovating the main house and estate buildings to the standard you see now.


Penninghame Process
Penninghame House
Newton Stewart
Dumfries & Galloway

Tel: 01671 401414

Penninghame is in an area of outstanding natural beauty, unspoiled by heavy tourism and development.

The region of Dumfries and Galloway encapsulates all that is best about Scotland -shimmering silence, swathes of ever-changing sky, miles of rugged coastline, sandy beaches, mysterious forests, rolling hills, tranquil lochs and room to breathe!

The views of the Galloway Hills and Forest Park are stunning.

Situated 70 miles north-west of the English border and 50 miles south of Glasgow Prestwick Airport, Penninghame can be reached by air, road and rail.

Penninghame Process is based in the Penninghame House, 4 miles from Newton Stewart in Dumfries & Galloway, SW Scotland. The postcode is DG8 6RD.


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One World Academy, founded by Krishnaji and Preethaji is a wisdom school for a New World Consciousness.
OWA’s  wisdom sets you free of the misery born of self-centric thinking.
OWA’s processes and meditations awaken you to the interconnection of all existence.
From this transformation a new sense of responsibility that deeply nurtures the web of life is born.